Razbam proudly announce the creation of a new terrain development team, formed by 2 well known mod developers, Mithandra and SUNTSAG, you can see some of their work at SUNTSAG youtube channel (BFVG). We have already set our 1st project, but until we get the green light from ED, it will remain undisclosed.

New AI ships

New AI ships

We will be designing new Ai ships, vehicles and planes to go with the new map..

New AI ships
New AI ships

HMS Leeds Castle, work in progress...

South Atlantic Terrain

More assets for the new terrain are coming along nicely 

Map generation process

 here are some very early WIP shots of the new map

Map generation process

No map is complete with out Airports - Stanley airport is getting some buildings ready 

Map generation process

We couldn't miss the BONE statue outside the church ( still wip but had to share)  


Check out our first video of the new WIP map


The mountains are taking shape


Getting ready for that long road south


Flyable Module News

After reading about the worries of what is NOT in the sim as flyable aircraft for the South Atlantic islands terrain, here is a list of what's TANGIBLY being worked on,
by NO reason is this to be taken as a hype train post, it's simple what you can expect by and/or after such terrain is available for purchase AND NOT BEFORE and have no relation at all to any AI asset that will have to be included with it.

Any self induced hype is sole responsibility of the person involved and as already stated, is not the reason for this post. These aircraft are:

IA-58 Pucara 
Mirage III (or) IAI Dagger (either one, not both)
Dassault Super Etendard
Sea Harrier FRS.1

Each of these already have a 3d developer assigned, who is currently busy with already scheduled and licensed developments, so they are NOT a PRIORITY for the time being.

As for the other aircraft directly involved and not mentioned, there is nothing i can comment at the moment, since as it is, is a monumental effort.Maybe another licensed 3rd party developer will jump on it, who knows?

ABSOLUTELY no availability or release date as of today,also no particular release order, it's all up to the pertinent developer and his/her progress and self imposed deadlines, you'll know about the progress following either this page, ED's forums and our facebook page.

Also please keep in mind this list still have to go thru ED tight licensing process, which means it could be drastically changed , or not in the mid to long


Flying the Falklands



Introducing HMS Leeds Castle, WiP for the Southern Atlantic Map 


Update 05/4/2022